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Breast Prosthesis
If the breasts are smaller than they should be and create disproportion in the body, a solution can be found in breast augmentation surgery. In breast augmentation surgery, the desired appearance is achieved by prostheses placed in the breast tissue. Also, if the breasts are small but also sagging, a breast augmentation surgery can be combined with a breast lift. A breast augmentation surgery directly affects a person’s quality of life and has positive effects on the psychology.

Silicone breast prostheses are the tools used in breast augmentation surgery that lead to fuller and larger breasts. Silicone breast prostheses allow the person to reach the desired breast size and their desired goal. There are different type of silicone prostheses. The silicone prostheses are not only available in different sized but also in different shapes.

There are two types of silicon prostheses. One is round and the other is drop shaped. The round silicone prostheses are suitable for those that want fuller breasts. Drop-shaped silicone prostheses however are suitable for those that want bigger breasts that look natural.

What is the minimum age for breast augmentation?
Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications by women. The ideal age for breast augmentation surgery is recommended as 18 years, since the development of breast tissue must be completed. However, breast augmentation surgery can also be applied to young girls with asymmetric breasts during adolescence.

Breast Augmentation Surgery
Breast augmentation surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and approximately takes 1-2 hours. The silicone prosthesis can be placed via three regions of the breasts. These are the nipple, under the breast and armpit. This should be discussed with the plastic surgeon and decided accordingly. After the decision is made, an incision is made in the region and the silicone prosthesis is inserted into the breast without damaging it. When the procedure is completed, the area is stitched and the patient is sent to her room.

It is important to stay under control during the first night after breast augmentation. To reduce edema it is necessary to wear a special bra or sports bra. After 3-5 days the patient is allowed to shower. Heavy movements should not be performed for 4-6 weeks.