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The ideal Eyebrow Shape

The aging process develops together with some successive conditions. As the years progress, the body becomes unable to resist gravity and visible changes occur in certain regions. One of these changes are low eyebrows. As you get older, the eyebrows start to fall down due to the effect of gravity. This also affects the eyelid and a tired, old look appears on the person’s face. An eyebrow lift eliminates this situation and sometimes it is possible to combine this procedure with an aesthetic eyelid surgery.

Eyebrows are important structures that create mimics. They have also a big effect on the facial expression of the person. Therefore, low eyebrows will cause an appearance that will make the person unhappy. With an eyebrow lift surgery a solution is found to this problem and the person is provided with his/her ideal appearance.

Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Different techniques are used in an eyebrow lift surgery. With endoscopic forehead stretching surgery, the eyebrows can be lifted with small incisions made on the scalp. On the other hand, the inner parts of the eyebrows, which are close to the nose, can be reached from the incisions made for upper eyelid aesthetics, and it is possible to lift the eyebrows by interfering with the muscles.
No aesthetic problems occur during the eyebrow lifting process carried out via the scalp. However, this procedure cannot be done in men. The most accurate method for men is to perform an eyebrow lift via incisions made on the upper eyelid.

What to Consider in an Eyebrow Lift Surgery

In addition to low eyebrows, excessively raised eyebrows will also be far from a natural look. Therefore, it is better to let the aesthetic surgeon determine the right level for your eyebrows.

Generally there is asymmetry between the eyebrows. This situation should be well evaluated and what is going to be done should be determined beforehand. Everybody wants to know how permanent an eyebrow lift is. However, although it varies according to the person, it lasts for a very long time. Nevertheless, it will be inevitable that the eyebrows will sag again over the years due to aging.