Face Lift – Dr. Koray Kır
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With aging some deformations may occur in the face. Instead of dealing with all these deformations one by one, it is easier and better to get rid of all problems with a single face lift surgery. Before giving information about face lift surgery, let’s take a look at the factors that cause aging.

Time is the biggest factor causing the face to age. Over time, the collagen structure in the face disappears. Thus the face begins to age and wrinkles and lines manifest themselves. The collagen structure is responsible for skin tension. When it is gone, the skin begins to sag.

Of course, also gravity is a natural process that affects aging and cannot be prevented. Together with gravity the skin, just like the body, begins to sag and the person begins to look older.

Sun rays also cause aging of the skin. In fact, not wearing any sun protection and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause early signs of aging that are unnecessary.

Another important factors of aging is smoking. Smoking causes permanent damage to the skin due to toxins.

Who is suitable for a Face Lift?

Ideal candidates for face lift surgery are patients that show early signs of sagging on the face and the neck but haven’t lost their skin elasticity yet. Generally, patients over the age of 40 are suitable candidates for face lift surgery. However, when structural and genetic factors are taken into consideration, a facial lift surgery can also be performed at a younger age when early aging factors are present.

If the patient smokes, he/she must stop smoking at least 10 days prior to the face lift.

How is a Face Lift carried out?

A face lift can be carried out under general or local anesthesia. The surgery takes, depending on the procedure, between 3 and 10 hours. This duration can be prolonged when combined procedures are planned. When other procedures are planned besides a face lift, the maximum surgery duration is 10 hours. It is possible to go home right after surgery. A face lift procedure leaves scars. But because the incisions are made on the temples under the scalp and behind the ears, they are not visible. Therefore, people do not experience any aesthetic anxiety.