Gynecomastia – Dr. Koray Kır
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Breast tissue is very sensitive to hormones. Especially hormones, such as estrogen, are one of the active elements related to the shape and development of the breast. Abnormal breast growth in men and women can cause various problems. There is a lot of information about breast aesthetics in women. But aesthetic breast surgery is also carried out in men. Abnormal breast growth and sagging breast in men is called gynecomastia. This situation can be corrected with a gynecomastia surgery.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Hormonal changes
Estrogen increase
Accumulation of excess fat in the body
Use of steroids
Drug use
Genetic predisposition

Gynecomastia is usually one of the changes that occur in the body during adolescence. However, this situation resolves itself after a while. If not, it has to be treated. It is also normal in men to develop gynecomastia with age, as part of the natural process.

Types of Gynecomastia
There are three types of gynecomastia in men. One of these is true gynecomastia. In such a case the breast tissue permanently develops in men, just like in women. In false gynecomastia men develop gynecomastia due to excessive fat accumulation. In mixed-type gynecomastia, permanent growth involving both breast and fat tissue occurs.

Gynecomastia Treatment
Although the type of gynecomastia can be determined with manual examination, ultrasound is used for a definitive diagnosis. In this case liposuction treatment is often sufficient in false and mixed gynecomastia. In this treatment, the excess fat in the area is removed and the breast returns to its normal state. In true gynecomastia a half moon shaped incision is made at the nipple and the excess tissue is removed. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and approximately takes 1 hour.

After Gynecomastia Surgery
The patient is discharged from the hospital at the same day or one day after the gynecomastia surgery and a special bandage is required for 4 weeks after the procedure. After a few weeks the breasts will find their own shape and the person will be able to move freely. Nevertheless, heavy work is not recommended for a while.