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Botox is a very good muscle trainer and a true teacher. It is used to prevent irreversible expression disorders caused by incorrect muscle movements and to maintain a natural expression.

Thin lines are formed around the forehead and eyes due to the incorrect use or over-functioning of the gesture muscles of the face. The purpose of a Botox application is to preserve the natural look and natural facial expressions.

A very young and even-tempered young girl may look very tough and irritable because she frowns uncontrollably. By having Botox at an early age, she is prevented from using resentment gestures as an erroneous habit at a time of concentration and her natural appearance is preserved. The gestures cause deepening accordion lines on the forehead and should only be used at a time of astonishment and confusion are used erroneously and often to give the incumbent a confused, scared and anxious look. Especially in professional groups such as journalists, lawyers, psychiatrists …

Who sometimes listen to people for a long time, sometimes can maintain a single raised eyebrow as if they have had facial paralysis and come to think that this is their natural appearance. When the face is returned to normal with botox, the eyebrow-to-eye distance becomes symmetrical and the expression appears brighter. Considering that we live in a Mediterranean country we are exposed to the sun in addition to gestures and the eyes narrow involuntarily when we speak and laugh which causes crows legs to develop rapidly and spread over the cheekbones even before middle age. Previously formed lines are eliminated and the formation of new lines is prevented with the help of Botox.

What happens if Botox is not applied? Erroneous gesture movements continue so that the image that we call wrinkles is replaced by deep grooves that are defined as deeper blade cuts. At this stage it is not impossible to intervene, but the desired image becomes quite difficult, the process may have to last much longer.

That when Botox is applied to the masseter muscle the problem of clenching teeth is resolved which protects the jaw joint, prevents neck and back pain, improves sleep quality.

The sad look caused by thinning lips as a result of advancing age and the downward droop of mouth corners can be prevented by loosening the depressor muscles with Botox.’

Emphasized that especially women often had Botox treatments applied to the lip edges and tip of the nose to have more expressive lips and more optimistic expressions.