Protruding Ear Surgery – Dr. Koray Kır
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The ear is an organ composed of soft curved cartilage. Genetic problems can occur in the ear, which is a specialized organ for the perception of sound. The most common of these problems are protruding ears. Protruding ears don’t develop with time. The ears of a person are either protruding or not when being born. Protruding ears means that the earlap of a person is bigger than normal.

Because the earlap comes forward in a prominent way they look bigger. In protruding ears the angle between the head and the ears is bigger than normal. Thus it can be said that the shape creates a bad appearance. The person is often uncomfortable with this situation and wants to solve the problem. In such cases a protruding ear surgery is carried out.

At what Age can Protruding Ear Surgery be carried out?

Normally the ear development stops with the age of 6. This is a very good timing. Because children with protruding ears may experience problems in school and also develop psychological problems. Since children start school with the age of 6, it is a good time for protruding ear surgery. Protruding ear surgery can be done as of the age of 6 but the surgery cannot only be performed on children but also adults.

How is Protruding Ear Surgery Carried out?
Protruding ear surgery is performed under general anesthesia in young ages and under local anesthesia with various sedatives during the transition period to adulthood. The surgery takes about 1,5 hours. After incisions are made behind the ear, the cartilage structure forming the ear flap is revealed and then reshaped. This procedure is done with incisions and stitches.
Patients that only receive local anesthesia can go home the same day but patients that received general anesthesia must stay in the hospital for a while. After the surgery both ears are bandaged and dressing is applied. When the bandages are removed, the patient is advised to wear a tennis bandana and keep their ears closed.

After Protruding Ear Surgery
The tennis bandana, which must be worn after the surgery, will help to correct the shape of the ear cartilage. This way, the pressure on the sutures holding the cartilage will be reduced and after a while the cartilage will harden and regain its new shape. It will be appropriate to prevent the ears from rubbing on the pillow while sleeping for a while after surgery. After the bandana is removed, the ear will gradually take on its new shape and remain it for the rest of the person’s life.